05 March 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick -- the flu this time

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I took my parents to the doctor one day last week, and I just casually mentioned the flu shot. I asked him if the flu shot hadn't been as effective this year. He said that yes, the flu shots that were given this year were only about 40% effective, which isn't as good as they have been in years past (though he also remarked that it is amazing that they are effective at all since they are really formulated as guesses as to what forms of virus will be infectious).

Why does this stick in my mind so well? Probably because it was only a few days later that my entire household came down with the flu. Well, we didn't immediately realize it was the flu--at first we thought it was that pesky cold the kids had a couple of weeks ago returning for a second try. But when my husband and I began to feel more and more miserable, and when we all started having more and more symptoms, we knew it was the flu.

All I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep, but I can't even sleep well because of my sore throat. Not that I could do that anyway with my kids around, anyway. But you know what the worst thing to deal with is? Not the coughing or the sneezing or the body aches...it's my husband.

He is the biggest baby when he is sick! Moaning and groaning every few minutes, sighing and complaining all the time. Sure, he knows that I'm sick, too, but he seems to think that his symptoms are always worse. I know I'm not the only woman whose husband acts this way, too...

The kids are mostly better now, but me and my husband are still sick. But which one of us has been getting up to take care of the kids' meals? Me. And who has been dealing with homework? That would be me. It is just so unfair...and I wanna whine about it!

Misery loves company, you know...so tell me if your husband acts like a baby when he is sick. Tell me how your man drives you nuts when he is ill--or when you are. It would make me feel tons better to read about the ridiculous behavior of other men.


Pinching Abe said...

Well, my dad when he was sick growing up, he would point to his shoes and whine like a puppy. I felt bad for him since he worked so hard, so I took off his boots. My mom was less motherly of such behavior!

Hubby had the flu 3 years ago and he was on his own. I liberally sprayed Lysol to kill germs and quarantined him far away from me and the kids, one of which was just a few months old. He did beg me to shoot him, but ya know, I love him too much for that :) I guess the flu's body aches are that extremely painful in some people.