01 March 2008

Feed Flare is having HUGE Blog Contest -- Lots of Great Prizes!!

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I've seen blog contests before, and I'm sure you have, too. Most offer a small prize or two, right? A few blog contests give out some pretty nice prizes, though. This contest at Feed Flare, though, is one of the biggest I have seen--the total value of all the prizes is over $5000 (plus a prize of 25,000 Entrecard credits.)

Are you wowed yet?

Check out the prize list:

  1. Mini Unix web hosting package free for 1 year - Donated by BlurFur web hosting services (value - $70.00) - random draw
  2. Advertising voucher with Bidvertiser worth $200.00 in free clicks (value - $200.00) - random draw
  3. Blog branding package which includes (Favico, header, logo, 125×125 button) design package donated by Graphic Identity (value - $200.00) - random draw
  4. Free advertising for one month in the form of a 125×125 button on Blogging Cents. (value - $35.00) - random draw
  5. Win one of 3 free advertising spots on the “You Can Learn Series” blog in the form of a 125×125 ad button (value per spot - $10.00) - random draw
  6. Exclusive Theme donated by Unique Blog Designs (value - $99.00) there is around 10 different themes you can chose from if you win - random draw
  7. Win one of 2 copies of the “Written Promptly Everyday” E-Book donated by The Prompt Writer (value per book -$5.00) random draw
  8. Win a copy of “How to launch a profitable free lancing business for under $50.00″ donated by the “Self Made Chick” (value - $12.00) random draw
  9. Custom banner design and the size will be of your choice donated by Dat Money dot com (value - $50.00) random draw
  10. One month free 125×125 advertising on Jason Boom dot com. (value - $20.00) random draw
  11. Grand Prize - 25,000 Entrecard credits (one lump some, the largest amount to be given away in a contest to date) draw date is March 31st
  12. Bonus gifts - The first two hundred people to enter the contest will be each given one page on the “One Buck Wiki”as a bonus gift just for entering our grand opening contest. These people will still be able to win any of the other prizes we have as well. The current selling price for a page on the “One Buck Wiki” is $20.00 making this our largest prize package worth over $4000.00 in cash value.
  13. Featured Grand Prize = $500.00 cash payable via PayPal with the draw date being March 31st.
Now, not only is this an awesome contest, it has two great sponsors. Yeah, I know, it sounds like I'm being paid to say all of this, but I'm not. I really do like the blogs of these two sponsors, and I subscribed to their RSS feeds before seeing that they were linked to this contest. These sponsors are:

Featured Contest Sponsor - Dat Money
Featured Contest Sponsor - My Radical Blogs

Ok, at this point you may be wondering how I found this contest and why I am going on and on about it. After all, my blog is about kids...the
Feed Flare blog has nothing to do with kids or parenting. Well, I found this blog when I went in search of blogs to help me with my blog. See, as a relatively new blogger, I can use tips and ideas on how to make my blog look and function better...and when I looked for helpful blogs, Feed Flare is one that I found. Here is an example of the blog's helpful posts:

Really Simple Syndication

And, Feed Flare also allows fellow bloggers or webmasters to advertise on their blog. They accept PayPal or Entrecard. Read more about that here:

Advertise with Feed Flare

So, check out the Feed Flare blog, enter the contest--maybe even tell them I sent ya over. :) Even if you don't win a prize in the contest, you'll be glad you checked out the blog, I'm sure.


Collin - Feed Flare said...

Great post, your in and I will be emailing the owner of the One Buck Wiki so you can claim that prise.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Collin! :) Never had a Wiki, so I'll be interested to try working on that! :)