14 February 2008

Valentine's Day...

I just have to say that the only one in this house that is actually excited about Valentine's Day is Damien, my 6-year-old. He took his time writing his name neatly on all 38 Valentines for his classroom exchange (yes, he has a HUGE classroom; it is split between two teachers). He even wanted to bring in some candy...but he didn't remember to ask me until late last night, so too late for that. Oh well, I'm sure that there are probably several other parents out of the 38 that sent in candy, don't you think?

To be fair, I really can't say if Tre (our 16-year-old) is excited about the holiday or not. He spends a lot of time living at his Mom's house and only lives here at our house about half the time or so. And, he isn't here now, so I don't know about his holiday plans. But, seeing as how he has about a dozen girls phone numbers saved on his phone (and all of them call him all the time), I bet he has something to do tonight!

Now as for me and my husband...we really aren't romantic at all. We never really were, but since having kids it really isn't an option anyway. It is kind of hard to find time alone with kids around all the time--especially since there are often other kids besides our own here at the house. But that's ok--we figure that the kids are only young once. Besides, who says that couples have to be romantic, anyway? Sure, marriage is built on love and trust and all kinds of other important values--but no one says that romance has to be one of those, right? Frankly, I feel kind of silly trying to be romantic, and I think my husband does, too. We can love each other without being romantic and without a specific holiday to tell us to love each other.

I wouldn't mind a box of candy, though...