14 February 2008

Me with My Friends -- A Story by Damien

At school I am sad that Nile gets his name on the board with two or one checkmarks because he misses out on all the fun. I don't like it because he is my friend. One day he offered he money, but I said I didn't have any pockets. So I told him to wear the same pants tomorrow, and I would ask my Mom if I could wear pants with pockets the next day so that he could give me the money.

Next we move on to Zachary. Zachary likes to play gun games. He also likes to play Dragonball Z. I don't know why he likes to play that, but it is just his style. He likes to play Dragonball Z and gun games and just games, games, games! I like to play with him sometimes at recess because sometimes he plays games that I like. And Sebastian and Jacob like to play with Zachary and so do I sometimes. We all like to play even if they are not listening or if they are in trouble. We had a party and someone missed out.

Now we move to Tyler S. Today he said I want to give you a knuckle sandwich. And so he said meet me at the park so I can give you a knuckle sandwich. Nobody has ever been mean to me like that, so I decided to tell the teacher that he said meet me at the park and I'll give you a knuckle sandwich. She put Tyler in the corner and told him that we won't put up with that mess anymore and guess what he said? He said this to get out of trouble--I just meant it to play with him!

One day me and Tyler S. were in the bathroom talking about Lego Star Wars and then he said we have Darth Vader opened on our game, but I said that on our game we have Darth Vader AND we have Darth Maul AND the Four Light-Saber Dude!

And that's how some of my days were. Let's see what your sentences might be about some of your friends!