14 February 2008

Sometimes You Just Can't Say "No"....

Ok, so I felt a little silly and awkward typing that I was the "greatest Mom in the universe." But how can I say "no" when my son is showing an interest in writing stories? He can't type, of course, since he is just six years old, so I had to type as he dictated.

It came about when he saw me working on my blog. He saw his picture and, naturally, was curious about what I was doing. I explained what a blog was, that it was like a place for me to tell stories and put up pictures. He then immediately asked if he could write a story. I thought for a moment, and since my blog is about kids, I figured, why not? His first venture was the story about his school friends (which is about half fiction/half non-fiction).

After that, he practically begged to write about his family, so I couldn't deny him--how can any parent turn down their child when he is excited about something involving reading and writing? I mean, this activity actually pulled him away from his video game--that's how interested he was. How could I say "no" to that? I simply couldn't. So, I typed as he dictated, awkward or not.

He asked to write a third story, but I suggested he caption a photo instead. He liked this idea because I let him help choose a photo. After this, he felt satisfied (for now, anyway)--though he mentioned the possibility that Xander might want to "write" something tomorrow. So, this blog may turn out to be a family effort. That wouldn't be so bad, though...I actually kind of enjoyed "writing" with my son.