23 February 2008

Here's what I DIDN'T do today...

I would love to be able to say that I spent the day doing something fun and exciting with my family. Or even that I went somewhere interesting. It would even be nice to be able to write that I spent a lot of quality time with my kids today. But, I didn't do any of those things today.

Can I write that I completed a bunch of household chores today or checked off several items on my to-do list? Nope. Did I use the day to get some spring (or winter) cleaning done? Unfortunately, I didn't do that, either.

So, what did I do today, then?

I got sucked in by the internet today. It started rather innocently with checking my email. That led to peeking in on someone else's blog, which led to thinking about adding a feature to my blog...and that is what monopolized my entire afternoon.

After that, did I feel like doing any cleaning or housework? Not at all. After spending all that time working on the computer, was I ready to run any errands or knock some things off of my to-do list? Nope. Not the slightest bit.

But, I always feel like spending time with my kids, so I did have some family time...even if it was in my cluttered, messy, needs-to-be-cleaned-up house.


Pinching Abe said...

Wanna join my new group? Bloggers Anonymous. LOL. I spend too much time on my blog as well... and the house doesn't clean itself, though I do want a roomba so that would be one less chore for me ;)